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About| Tonos Latin Dance | Tampa Salsa and Bachata Dance School

Dancing transcends culture, race, languages, even time. It’s about submerging ourselves in the music, expressing with movements what we can't do with words. It’s about connecting with others, but more important, with ourselves.


We're proud to offer the highest quality, most unique social events, lessons and workshops. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in everything we do.


Our workshops and lessons are focused on helping you master fundamental steps, musicality, body movements and body control, proper leading and following techniques as well as to dance different styles. Our goal is for you to learn and meet new people in a supportive and welcoming environment, and be able to dance with anyone regardless what style of Salsa or Bachata they dance.


We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

Owner / Dance Instructor

Carlos Tonos

Carlos is known for his focus on fundamentals and techniques, musicality, patience and encouragement during his lessons. His background in music and diversity of dance style, as well as his cultural upbringing and dance experiences, gives him an unique perspective when it comes to dancing and teaching. 


Carlos Tonos was born and raised in Puerto Rico. His love for music and dancing started at an early age, participating in school and camp musicals, recitals, plays, talent shows and more. 


In his teen years, Carlos joined the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico; where he grew his musical background. At the same time, Carlos joined two musical productions, competed in national level talent shows as well as dance in local and national events.


During his college years, he joined one of the University of Puerto Rico dance teams, where he later became the main choreographer and director. Not long after he started to teach in local dance academies, private events and workshops.


Carlos moved to the Tampa Bay area in 2015, where he established Tonos Latin Dance to share his love of music, dancing and teaching.

Carlos Tonos | Tonos Latin Dance

Dance Instructor

Juliana Ortiz

Juliana Profile | Tonos Latin Dance

Juliana Ortiz’s passion for dancing, roots from her country of origin, Colombia. At age of 5, she started her dance journey participating in Folkloric Dance performances at school and with the influence from her family dance background she found a deep love for this form or art.


At age 13, her family took a leap of faith by moving to the United States where she took the opportunity to develop her dance skills by exploring different dance genres including Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz and Ballroom Dancing.


At age 16, she narrowed her focus to Ballroom Dancing as a competitive dancer for 7 years where her teaching journey began. “ When dancing is part of your identity, you know where you belong is the dance floor.”


After a few years off, Juliana Ortiz returned to the industry to share her passion for Latin Dancing, joining Tonos Latin Dance Academy. “It has been a growing and fulfilling journey where the sky is the limit!”

Dance Instructor

Harold Burgos

Harold Burgos | Tonos Latin Dance

Harold was was born in the Dominican Republic, the birthplace of Merengue and Bachata.


Harold has been dancing for over 15 years where he had the opportunity to learn from some of the world's best dancers, including Fausto Felix, Frank Santos, Troy Anthony, and many others. He also performed for the La Fuerza team in Florida, and had the opportunity shared the stage with Fausto Felix and the Formula F team.


"The traditional Bachata is my favorite style of dance. I'm thrilled to be teaching a traditional Bachata with Tonos Latin Dance".

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